I remember my friend Joanna asked me the other day what would she consider when scouting for new Joanney items to sell to me and I answered black, white, and gray.

I really love these three basic colors. They’re so classy. Plus, black and gray make me look slim.

Since I’m not really an accessories person, what I do to break the monotony of this black-white-gray ensemble is wear red lipstick. I’m currently using NYX Matte Perfect Red.

You can also be particular with the details of the clothes. Like for this one, I’m wearing an animal print top and my skirt has a zipper detail in front.

Top : Joanney’s | Cardigan : Bazaar | Skirt: Forever21 | Tights: Topshop

By the way, did you notice my hair? Well, I’m not talking about how awkward its length is now. I got rid of my highlights! Finally! I had my cousin dyed my hair dark auburn.

Well, the color’s not that obvious in the photo. Oh well, I’ll take a better shot of it once I find my camera’s battery charger! For now, I’ll rest and prepare for another work day tomorrow.

Au revoir!