I just had an amazing summer vacation with my friends Nash and Joanna (with the special participation of Lou and Kath) last weekend. I’ll most probably blog about that later this week.

Anyway, Nash and I did a mini photoshoot while we were there. Can I just say that this friend of mine has a great potential of being a professional photographer? Sarah Black ang peg!

It was scorching hot! I felt like having a sauna while having these photos taken.  Haha! But tiis ganda dapat!

It’s crazy that this summer vacation had to end. I can stay in Boracay forever! But as what they always say, “all good things must come to an end.”

So to my dearest beach, I promise we’ll be back.

Maxi Dress : Forever21 | Animal Print Bikini Top : Jellybean |
Floppy Hat: SM Department Store | Necklace: Bazaar | Bangles : SM Department Store & Bayo | Shades: From Korea Flip flops : Ipanema

Props to Nash Albacea (and Travis!) for all the photos! Me loves ya both!

2 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Travis and I are raging about this ANTM-like beauty. <3 You look like you're 8-ft tall, I swear! You, skinny bitch you! HAHA. More beach photos soon please!! Love you, Hot Momma!

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